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Welcome to our subcontractors page.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with us. Our company has established excellent relations with subcontractors and suppliers throughout the Southwest and is always looking for quality trade partners.  Subcontractors and suppliers enjoy working with SDV Construction because of our reputation for fair and ethical business practices. SDV treats its subcontractors with respect and pays on time. In return, SDV demands superior performance on projects. Companies must meet pre-qualification requirements to be considered for certain Design/Build, CMAR, and Government projects. If you would like to receive invitations on the aforementioned project types please complete the following questionnaire in its entirety.

Subcontractor Pre‐qualification Questionnaire


Work experience (Check all that apply):
Check your company’s area of operation:
CSI divisions/trades (check all that apply):
Upload Copy of License
e. Is the firm’s contractor’s license free of ever being suspended or revoked by the CID or by the appropriate licensing agency in any other state?
f. Is your firm registered with the State of New Mexico’s Purchasing Department with a Resident Preference Number?
Is your firm registered with the State of New Mexico’s Purchasing Department with a Resident Veteran Preference Number?
Is your firm free from formal debarment from public works, federal, state or local jurisdictions?
Upload Letter From Bonding Agency
a. Does your firm have a written safety program compliant with current state regulations?
d. Is your firm free of committing serious or willful violations of federal or state safety laws as determined by a final non-appealable decision of a court or government agency?
e. Has your firm had any OSHA fines or jobsite fatalities in the last three years?
Combine OSHA 300A Files to Upload
Insurance & Claims History
Is your firm free from any court judgments, pending litigation, arbitration and final agency decisions filed within the last five (5) years in a construction related matter in which the contractor, or any officer, is or was party?
Has your firm during the past five (5) years been free of a determination by a court of competent jurisdiction that it filed a false claim with any federal, state, or local government entity?
Upload File
Quality Assurance
Does your firm have a written Quality Assurance Program?
Labor Code Violations
Has your firm, during the past five (5) years, been free of any determinations by a court or an administrative agency of repeated or willful violations of laws and/or regulations pertaining to the payment of prevailing wages or employment of apprentices of public works projects?
Is the firm free of all sub-contractor Fair Practices Act violations for the past five (5) years?
Disclaimer and Signature
I certify that all of the qualification information submitted with this form is true and correct.

Thanks for submitting!

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