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CNM Site & Safety WTC, ATC & SV

Albuquerque, NM

This CMAR project is intended to create an intuitive wayfinding experience for all campus visitors by clearly defining safe pedestrian circulation through parking areas, improving lighting along pedestrian circulation, creating a clear visual definition to the campus specific pedestrian experience, and developing campus-specific architectural amenities.

The Workforce Training Center project includes the construction of “The Wings of Knowledge”, a 30’ tall, double cantilevered
monument sign with 50’ wings counterbalanced by heavier steel components where the structure is grounded. Other work
included two monument signs located at the parking lot entrances, off-site traffic signage, and on-site directional signage.

The Advanced Training Center work includes two monument signs, updating existing building signage to reflect current CNM
branding, new off-site traffic signage and removing old campus signage and updating with current CNM branding.

The South Valley Campus work includes two monument signs a, new off-site traffic signage, removing old signage and updating with current CNM branding, and new exterior site/building landscape and security fence.

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